Meet Bespoke

A customised shop is best for industry specific buying journeys

A bespoke ecommerce offering is always chosen when the user experience and business process of a particular company is very specific to their industry. We choose bespoke development when ‘out-of-the-box’ shop platforms are just too restrictive and require too much compromise for our client. Contrary to what most people believe they are not more expensive than choosing a Magento shop either and they run quicker and require less support. A bespoke shop will give you exactly the purchasing, payment and delivery requirements that your company needs. It is also used when a fixed data feed is required in and out of the website, including third party system feeds for stock management, price changes, CRM or accounting systems.

So how do you know if a bespoke shop is right for your business? Well usually it’s when you require standard ecommerce functions that have bespoke interventions at key decision points. A custom built website really flourishes when bespoke elements outweigh the benefits of working within a known and trusted framework like Magento or WooCommerce.

Bespoke sites have a quicker load speed too as it isn’t loading up any unnecessary code that comes with an off-the-shelf server hungry platform. They are also more secure and do not need as much ongoing support. Bespoke sites have their own content management systems (CMS), that is more user-friendly than the back-office of Magento, so you can easily maintain your site yourself after it is launched.

Aside from the functional reasons for choosing bespoke, the design innovation that a custom site can offer is also very appealing. When you are not constrained by platform design, then the user journey and user experience can enhance the push to products pages and other site information pages clearly. The design can be as user friendly as we need it to be.

All our bespoke coding is completed by our experienced in-house developers at Daneswood. We develop our sites functionality using a Laravel PHP framework, so even though a bespoke development, the framework is portable and can be customised by most development companies, so you are not bound to us with a proprietary system.


Bespoke Case Studies

Here are some examples of bespoke ecommerce websites and why we choose to code them ourselves:

Pure Tree Cork

  • The website needed to talk to their existing back-office data structure, so it could import and export out their internal sales order processing system (SOP)
  • Bespoke high-end shop design that nested on top of the functional buying journey for cork products, giving a clear and uncluttered user experience.
  • Shop can filter for custom products: customer types, product variations, purchase by square meterage, price breaks for volume discounts, cut to size pricing etc.
  • Has bespoke enquiry form for new commissions

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Kandy Toys

  • Variable pricing structure for bespoke quotes
  • Manages multi-site stock
  • Showing delivery estimate at checkout (est 3-5 days) by product
  • One basket delivered via branch footprint (from different stores with some items too heavy for delivery) or drop shipped, as people can buy in different product groups so allows for mixed baskets
  • Can easily be adapted and expand in future when we will code a bespoke API to their new accounting system in one year’s time

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