Ideas for writing better eCommerce product descriptions

We often have clients ask what can we do SEO-wise to help shift product online. We always answer the same way that it’s not the big monthly optimising contract, it’s the product content. It’s getting the basics right.

Taking the time to write really good product content is so important as it will talk to the customer and the search engine. It’s the clinch point before they hit ‘buy now’. Every page on your shop has the opportunity to drive traffic. The product page content drives sales. 

Make sure your product page content includes the following:

Your keywords – you should have these as a handy list on your computer. They are the words that customers will type into Google to find your product. Use them in the description. It’s a basic point but one that keeps getting forgotten. 

Pain points – do your research on what your customers think of your products (read reviews, read social posts about the product or similar items etc.). It will tell you what they don’t like, and then you can talk about these pain points in the product description. For example when selling British flowers online say ‘the scent lasts 10 days and floods the room’, in response to people saying they want to smell the flowers as soon as they walk into their bedroom. 

Use their language – if you are selling to a younger audience, reflect back the words and casual style of description that they use in social media. Don’t be afraid to get down with the kids, as it connects and converts. 

Sell the benefits – don’t be boring and just list a specification and stats, concentrate on what’s important to the buyer – a washing machine that doesn’t shake the whole kitchen when it’s on a spin cycle; a triumph motorcycle part that is hand-tooled in the UK using original British template drawings, not a Chinese knock-off. 

Provide reviews if you can – the wonderful thing about reviews is that everyone writes so differently and you can’t get that genuine authority of content from anywhere else. The natural review is a top top converter these days and all the eCommerce stats from the UK and USA tell us they remain a key part of your online content strategy. Reviews also give you the opportunity to respond to any questions or negative points raised by a customer. 

Decide who writes – make sure you have someone in your company who has the responsibility to write the content regularly. They need to like the product and enthuse about it and not treat it as just posting a new product up online and then getting on with the day job. It should be the best part of their day job!