Wild Things Gifts

CS-Cart, Ecommerce

Ecommerce website for trade and wholesale customers

We were asked by Wild Things to create an ecommerce website for just their trade customers. They wanted a clear catalogue layout of all the products, with the option to download a PDF of their company brochure. They also wanted are area to promote the trade shows that attend throughout the year, so they could keep their digital marketing relevant.


We designed the site in CS-Cart ecommerce platform and created a viewable trade catalogue that you can only buy from, once you create an account. That account then gives you access to view all prices and allows wholesale purchase of the items and quick repeat ordering for established and regular customers. The banners are designed so they can swap in current product shots to keep the content up-to-date and fresh.

The navigation architecture splits the vast product catalogue into clear categories and they have a page just to promote the various trade shows they attend regularly. Their offline catalogue is also available to view online or print off as a PDF, as they still have trade customers who like to do their ordering offline.