Intrepid Fox Wine

SEO, Wordpress

Business to business marketing for wine on the go!

The Intrepid Fox started out as a pitch on Dragon’s Den, for a new wine in a plastic glass product with a peel off foil lid. They then bagged Marks & Spencer as one of their first customers and the business took off.  The company was then bought by an existing client of ours, who are a major drinks producer, and that initiated a new website design and brand repositioning in the market.


The new site had to target their trade customers mainly, but also any private sales too. They had already got an established brand identity, so we focused the design on showing the benefits of serving single wine glass products at events, instead of opening and pouring endless bottles of wine. The trade benefits in terms of quality of wine in each glass, savings made to serving times, no  profit lost in spillage, they are recyclable and have a great shelf life. We used large clean images, with lots of white space that allowed the colourful product shots to shine through.

Their case studies section targeted the vertical markets that they could supply into, such as outdoor catering events, football stadiums and cinema chains. As the site is built on the WordPress content managed system, they can now keep the case studies up to date with any new large clients that they supply to, so the site content can be kept fresh and relevant. Their gallery shows photos of what the product looks like insitu at events and their Trade page conveys information on bulk ordering and their bespoke labelling service.

We also designed a simple ‘Shop’ page that presents their 3 wine products and redirects private buyers through to the company’s main ecommerce ‘Lyme Bay Winery’ shop site to buy them.


A great example of designing a simple Wordpress brochure site for the trade, but also capturing any private consumer sales through a well designed shop link through to their other main drinks website.