Sprout & Shed

CS-Cart, Ecommerce, SEO

Sprout & Shed is a funky second hand children’s clothing and goods shop, that is the brainchild of two hardworking mums with small children. They wanted to sell good quality branded kid’s clothing online at affordable pre-loved prices.

sprout and shed banner

They came to us with the beginnings of a CS-Cart Multi-Vendor ecommerce shop. They had researched the different shop platforms and had settled on CS-Cart as it gave them everything they needed:

  • It allowed mums to upload their clothes at home from mobiles after filling in a quick registration
  • It allowed easy creation of  shop categories and sub categories
  • Zoom facility on images, wish list and comparison list
  • A blog and promotional discounts (10% off this week!)
  • It was able to have an ‘ask the seller’ section on the product page, where users could message the seller direct

It was their first online enterprise and they had taken the site as far as their technical knowledge would allow them. We met with them (and their lovely toddlers) at our office and took a detailed brief of the upgrade that they needed to launch the site to the local Devon market.  They had planned a pop-up launch event at Darts Farm to kick start the company and get mums to both post up their children’s clothes and buy the clothes as well!


The attention to detail that Jen and Francesca brought to the project was really helpful, most importantly around the user experience of both buying and selling on the site. They weren’t afraid of the technology and wanted to ensure a fully responsive mobile experience (so buying on your phone was quick and easy), but also ensuring that uploading items you wanted to sell via your phone was also through an intuitive mobile interface.

sproutandshed_opt We overhauled the design and set up the buyer and vendor selling process, to allow easy use of a back-office dashboard that wouldn’t intimidate non-technical mums. The dashboard now presents a series of boxes (title, price, description, postcode, quantity, age group etc) that the seller simply fills in or ticks and then uploads their images. We integrated PayPal adaptive payment gateway to handle the transactions, so the seller gets paid minus the Sprout & Shed commission.


We trained both Jen and Francesca in the use of all the administrative aspects of the back-office and met with them several times to ensure all functions were clear to them to confidently take forward. We also completed search engine optimisation (SEO) on the site to get them ready for launch and installed Google Analytics so they could track visitor usage. It was lovely to work with such an enthusiastic local start-up business and help them on the road to their first venture in trading online.