South West Regional Coastal Monitoring Programme


Pulling out the really interesting South West coastal data

The team at Plymouth Coastal Observatory are part of a nationwide coastal monitoring programme that records and observes the fragile coastline of the South West and its beaches. Emerald and her team are often seen by the general public down on the beach with their surveying equipment and get asked what it is they are involved with. This gave them the idea to create a website that shared with the general public the vital work that they do at the coastal observatory.


The new website now shares all the data about the coastal environment here in the South West, which can be used by schools, academics, engineers and conservationists. You can get an understanding of data produced by wave buoys and tide gauges, or view LiDAR, topography and aerial photography. We built the gallery to match their requirement exactly with their vast bank of imagery split into categories and available to download in both low res and hi-res versions. This follows the brief to make the work that they do fully accessible and usable to the public. You can now download some stunning images of beaches, storms, harbours, habitats and estuaries.

As well as being an accessible public portal and info hub, the site brief also required us to build a site that linked through, where necessary, to the national scientific coastal monitoring website. This is to allow those users who want to delve deeper into the scientific data the ability to do so. We worked closely with the marketing team at Kor Communications who support the Plymouth Coastal Observatory, and they supplied all the copy and marketing direction for the site.


It’s a fascinating website to read through and a wonderful example of public/private partnership, viewable to all.

“We’re really pleased with the website! Please thank everyone on your team for their hard work and extreme patience whilst working with us to get it set up! Many thanks for all your efforts with the project.”

Emerald Siggery, Coastal Process Team Leader, Plymouth Coastal Observatory