South West Athletics Academy


We helped South West Athletics develop a website that promotes their inclusive sporting ethos and commercial business side as well.


Every now and then we are contacted by a customer who feels completely demoralized by the web design process and brings us a half finished website that never really worked properly. This was the case with SW Athletics Academy who had a website that was ‘live’ but the calendar didn’t work, the links were broken, the shop didn’t even have a check out and the booking facility didn’t take bookings. It was a sorry state of affairs and it was so badly coded it was unfixable.

We hate to see a client in this situation, so we rebuilt the site in WordPress, using an affordable theme design (as they had already invested once) to keep the budget as low as possible. We sourced a good calendar booking function and advised that they remove the shop completely – that could always be a further investment as a phase two in future. We created a bespoke bookings form that linked to the events in the calendar too.

athletics events calendar

They are over social media all the time and so we included a Facebook dynamic feed on the home page, along with video.


We trained them in how to manage the back-office of WordPress confidently so they could input all the site content themselves, which also helped keep the budget down. They now create events themselves and link them to bespoke booking forms all without our help.

We improved the navigational menu with better page layout and hierarchy of information on each page. The site now has a full working calendar that links the user easily through to the booking page.

They now have an online presence that attracts both public sector funding, and private bookings for their athletics courses, track hire and events. Most importantly we have a client who feels confident in their website and web design again.