Select Statistical


Design and imagery to represent statistical data in the modern world

Select Statistics had obtained a lot of customer feedback on their old site and wanted a new design, with a lot more pages, demonstrating how they help clients in different sectors, as well as featuring case studies and a brand new glossary feature.


This was an extremely large site overhaul, with a new design and navigational architecture. We had to take old fashioned 3D styling and modernise the look and feel. We worked with our client to source a new image bank for this project, as it can be hard to find dynamic images that represent statistics and analytics, and represent abstract ideas. It was also a challenge to our client to embrace the modern trend for an infinite scroll and not rely on having all information above the fold in the screen – there is no fold anymore with mobile devices.

Our designer also approached the content layout via an ‘icon led’ route, with sectors grouped into colours to aid navigation on both desktop and mobile devices. On the Service pages the amount of information was clearly accessed via icons down the left hand side of the screen, which allows the user to click on the service that is relevant to them and the text is presented quickly, keeping them ‘on page’ without further click through. The other technical challenge was ensuring that the icon led design worked well on mobile devices with the icons appearing in a neat and uniform manner no matter what the screen size or orientation, (portrait or landscape). The build is also touch responsive for iPads.


The site now represents the many uses and benefits of statistical data in the modern world. It makes it easy for businesses to find the information they need, as well as providing a valuable resource for anyone wanting to see how statistics are being used to tackle challenging questions in every sector, from retail through to healthcare, academia and the law.

“As you know the web site is live and operating as it should…I wanted to say thank you for all the work you and your team have put into it.”

Steve Brooks, Managing Director, Select Statistical