RM Direct

Hosting, SEO, Wordpress

A small five page single point of contact website targeted at the private home owner looking for new builds, restorations, alterations and extensions.


RM Construction came to us needing a small ‘RM Direct’ microsite that was a targeted offshoot of the main business for the private home builder. The audience for their site will be the private individual mainly, who is looking to commission someone to oversee the whole new design and build process. By setting up this new site they hoped to reposition RM Direct as the first port of call for project management, bypass the architect and clinch the client from the very beginning of the project.

RM Direct 2


We created a simple high-end design that allowed them to keep the site fresh after ‘go live’ with a News section about their projects. The site was turned around quickly and they can now grow the pages, as we can add in a Gallery easily once their photography bank is ready so it’s as future-proof as they need it to be. We also completed basic SEO package on the site to index the new domain and we host the site too.