Remedies Beauty


How to encourage specialist beauty consultation enquiries

Alan Wills, the owner of Remedies Beauty, has been a customer of Daneswood for over ten years. We have grown his digital presence as his business has grown and continue to work with him and handle all his digital advertising and online marketing.


We designed a WordPress website, and integrated in ‘Premier Spa’ their booking system, so customers can easily now book online. We included a facility to buy gift vouchers and rationalised the navigation for their treatments and consultations, as they have such a wide range of services, that it is now simpler for customers to navigate within the site. The call-to-action is strong as and they provide terrific content which is both informative and helpful to those seeking specialist advice on everything from skin treatments to tattoo removals.

Their full Price List is available to view online or download, and they have a dedicated ‘offers’ page so they can post up promotions and seasonal events. Their WordPress site is very much a reference and information portal that encourages trust in their beauty services, treatment and knowledge.


Remedies are a client that constantly embrace change within the beauty industry and respond quickly to new treatments and post them up on the site regularly.

“The team at Daneswood have been really helpful, and my clinical website has provided a significant return on my investment.”

Alan Wills, Owner, Remedies Beauty