Quick Fix Facials

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Instagram photo feed sells the ‘at home Friday night facial’ buzz

As this small online shop is only selling 7 tubes of facial products, the emphasis on the design was to link into their social media channels in a really engaging way.


When we met with Quick Fix we discussed the use of a dynamic Instagram wall, but felt that something more striking was needed. Their young demographic of shoppers meant that promoting hastag-anchored posts via Instagram #quickfixfacials was going to be a success, and it needed to link in strongly to show their products out there in the ‘real world’. They launched the hashtag before the site went live in order to gain user generated content up front which they could include ready for the site launch.

quick fix facials mug shots

We created a polaroid-style posting of their best Instagram images on the home page that promotes the “share your story using #quickfixfacials” notion. By kick-starting this small ecommerce shop with a social media link in, it quickly conveys that the facial products are already out there in the ‘at home’ environment, reinforcing its popularity and networking on their behalf.

The shop design itself is colourful, allows quick ‘add to cart’ option at category level and has a section for reviews and an email sign-up for ongoing marketing pushes.