Pure Tree Cork

Bespoke eCommerce, SEO

Pure Tree Cork are a family run business based in Devon who supply cork and wood products to trade and retail and have their own purpose-built manufacturing facility in Exeter.

When they came to us they already had an off-the-shelf shop platform, but a lot of functionality wouldn’t allow for the very unique buying requirements of cork products. It become clear, very early on, that only a bespoke ecommerce response would work. Off-the-shelf ecommerce systems were too restrictive in allowing the customisation required.

Establishing a Set of Requirements

When undertaking a large bespoke website overhaul it’s important to establish a common understanding of all aspects of the site both from the front-end and back-end. As such we held 3 workshops to create a full ‘Set of Requirements’ in order to provide a framework for costing, and to ensure the delivery of the project is managed on a sustainable basis. The resulting document included: data specification, schema, form outlines, functional work flow and site map. We recognised that the website needed to work with Pure Tree’s existing back office data structure and be able to import and export out of their internal sales order processing system (SOP). This was one of the key reasons why standard shop platforms like Magento or WooCommerce would not have been suitable.


We created a high-end design for the shop that nested on top of the functional buying journey for cork products so the user experience on the site was clear and uncluttered. As well as having filters for products the shop also allows for:

Customer types – the shop handles different customer types and presents the pricing for that customer type.

Product variations – the vast majority of their products have parent and child relationships. The child products display so that a user can select the variant they require (such as size and colour variations). The associated images and prices for the child products are then dynamically loaded onto the page.

Square metre – you can order by the square metre (plus wastage allowance) or enter the room length and width and the site will automatically calculate the square meterage and present the price, so the customer can ‘buy now’.

Pricing – there are price breaks for volume discounts and the more you buy the less you pay. It also handles products sold in multiple pack quantities and can cope with multiple price breaks. These prices are displayed as a pricing table, enabling the customer can see the volume discounts available.

Cut to size – cork products are often wanted cut to size so the shop can price this up using a m² rate. The customer has the ability to enter a length (mm) & width (mm) and the child products will then create a drop down for thickness. The website holds the sizes the customer has entered so they can change the thickness and see the difference in price without having to re-enter sizing information on the page.


Pure Tree Cork now have a totally unique and beautiful online shop that reflect their offline success and market leading position they hold in the timber industry. We were able to offer professional and experienced analysis of their needs and then code from scratch the ecommerce platform that would drive sales nationally.

We completed SEO on the site prior to ‘go live’ and we also continue to support them with other web projects, as well as creating offline brochure design too.