Offshore Turbine Services


New design needed to reposition a robust company within their market

Offshore Turbine Services (OTS) are an established business who came to us with an existing underperforming website that did not represent the services they provided. They asked us to overhaul their digital presence and bring to the fore their range of offshore services and also their great health and safety investment. Their specialist industry provide boats that take people, supplies and equipment out to large offshore turbine farms in the seas around the UK and over to the Baltic.

We designed in a KPI dashboard on the home page that loads up their numbers in a modern way. Also each turbine service area has a strong associated Case Study to go with it. Their team are all profiled on the site and the very important Fleet is now featured with downloadable PDFs giving their full boat spec. We also put together a location map with bespoke icons that shows the scale of geographic areas that their boats and services cover.



The client was terrific as they commissioned new photography for the design and took the time to listen to our suggestions all the way through. We are continuing to work with OTS on their digital advertising, ensuring their marketing has a consistent design both online and offline. Their website now portrays them as one of the major providers of support services to offshore wind farms.