Technical ‘mobile friendly’ build from client’s in-house design

Zero were already a client of Daneswood, when they approached us to develop a new website they had designed in-house for their new district heating system called ‘Minibems’. Zero employed their own graphic designer who came up with some beautiful concept designs for their new website. We met with them and went through their vision for the site and took on just the technical development of the project.


The main challenge when working with an outside designer is sharing the build as it progresses in a very transparent manner, and advising on changes that will need to be made to the design to make it technically easier for their admin team to maintain, and update, after the site ‘goes live’. Also we advised on best digital practice, and some compromise had to be made in terms of what was ‘ideal’ and what was ‘necessary’, to bring the project in on time and budget. Zero were terrific though, and their designer popped into our office frequently to talk through the snags and amends as we went along. We also produced a full style guide that they can use on other projects to do with Minibems.


Their design was ambitious, as they needed to really stand out in their market, and they wanted a company that could ensure the design standard had an equally high functional standard for the user. Not only do the pages convey text and images, but link in with case studies, blogs, brochure downloads and event listings, which is all bundled up with some beautifully considering photographs. The designer was so pleased with our build of his vision, that our developer, Matt, was hand delivered a bottle of wine to say thanks. Now that, is a happy customer.