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Memes – creating a visually ‘happy’ moment

We can help support your digital marketing by creating memes. A meme is ‘a cultural idea’ that spreads from person to person across social media. An internet meme usually takes the form of an image, gif or video and is usually humorous. The success of a meme is the number of shares it gets on social media. The younger internet user out there loves memes and if they like them, they share them at a rate of knots, which is why it is such an internet phenomenon. 

The visual above shows an example of a meme we created for our client Lyme Bay Winery who sell alcoholic drinks online. Lyme Bay have now taken on their marketing in-house, but in the past we have supported them. They realised that they were only sending out product pushes with very straightforward product imagery and as an established ‘brand’ they needed a more creative output. We suggested a weekly meme to piggy back onto relevant events, such as a local festival and their cider range. We increased their knowledge of meme designs, raised their impression rate from 100 to 1000, and increased sharing of these memes to network their brand.

The memes didn’t have to be around local events either, we designed an ‘Olympic Meme’ (see above) for their 3 wines that had won gold, silver and bronze Taste of the West awards. The value we added to their in-house marketing work is about helping them think bigger, and making their products link into existing trending noise on social networks.