Landrover Experience


Secure and private bespoke bookings system for Landrover experience days and courses

Land Rover Experience previously ran the bulk of their business on a very old version of MS Access which was proving to be insufficient to meet their business needs. As a result, we were engaged to produce a secure and private bespoke bookings system for their experience days and courses.


To build an ecommerce system that incorporated lots of different variables that would be available online from any location and to provide a sound platform for future developments and integrations. 

System Development

Our starting point was meeting with the client and talking through the restrictions that they had with the old Access system that they currently ran all bookings on. Having understood fully the system’s limitations and knowing what the client wanted the new website to achieve, we built a new application from scratch that could replace it with much more functionality. The new bookings system allowed Land Rover to keep track of all bookings, vehicles, time slots, course details, instructor details etc. It could also manage gift voucher codes and customers who wanted to pay directly. The system also provided PDF downloads, confirmation letters, reporting facilities and CSV file importing. We now host the website for them, as well as provide on-going support.


Our bespoke application allowed Land Rover to modernise their bookings system and workflow. It has been so successful that we now looking at working with them on a second stage of the build, whereby their system can refine data capture for marketing purposes and produce daily job sheets for instructors. They also want the data to link to mobile devices (such as iPad) so instructors and mechanics on the ground can talk to the bookings office ‘live’ and seamlessly.

“Rather nervously we approached Daneswood with regard to building a complete new database to remodel and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our bookings system, calendar and outputs. In the process Daneswood were amicable and open minded and their attitude to a brief that was by no means clear cut was impressive. Just weeks later we now have an inspiring tailor made system which makes our admin work so much easier and much more enjoyable. We clearly had nothing to be nervous about…”

Laura Summers, Customer Services, Land Rover Experience