Kind Natured

Ecommerce, SEO, WooCommerce

Selling natural products without the ‘nasties’

Kind Natured required a small B2C website that promoted not just the bath and hair products but the 97% natural approach to the formulations.


We built the site in WooCommerce with a shop that filters the products by fragrance (rosemary, coconut, mint etc.) or by product type (shampoo, lip balm, body wash etc.). We also included additional ‘info’ pages for the company background and natural formulation ethos. The fonts on the site match the product packaging and a ‘handbag’ icon appears when you hover your mouse over the image which allows the user to ‘add quickly’ to basket.

We helped the design by sourcing some stock photography based on the ingredients used and the site flags up ‘related products’ to aid cross-selling.

kind natured products

As with all beauty products, the integration with social media is so important for driving engagement and online footfall, so we included an Instagram wall to dynamically pull in the latest visuals.


The result is a beautifully clean and clear website that gets straight to the heart of the company ethos and product presentation.