ISCA School of English

Multiple Languages, Wordpress

Modern site to appeal to overseas audience with 4 language versions

ISCA School of English have been a client of ours for five years and so when it was time for an upgrade and design overhaul they came back to us. Their language school takes in overseas students aged 12-17 throughout the summer, with students staying with host families close by, and the business had grown from strength to strength over the years. They now wanted to invest in presenting their offline success online and thoroughly modernise their marketing.


The most important aspect of the new build was to have an easily maintainable website where the 4 language versions of the site could be regularly changed by the school’s admin team. Their old website was on the Joomla CMS and we recommended a new build in WordPress CMS. This was because the back-office to WordPress is much more user-friendly and intuitive to update for the lay-person. The old site itself was tidy enough but needed a little help with the information structure, which over time had become confusing.

A new design was created that was mobile friendly throughout and simplified the look and feel throughout. The design lead on the beautiful summer light filled photographs of the overseas students enjoying their education in Exeter. The menu structure was changed to simplify the background info and course details, with a strong red ‘Book Your Course’ button contained in the menu bar itself.

The gallery is actually a series of mini galleries with a grid system to display photos for each event or excursion they want to promote. The Course Application Form was built to match their needs exactly as over the years they had learned which boxes made sense to overseas students and which were confusing. For example the old form has ‘first name’ box and ‘last name’ box which was confusing for some cultures and so just one ‘name’ box appears on the new form. We collaborated closely with the client to ensure the pages read well for someone reading it who had English as their second language. We listened to the client at every step. Also the completed Course Application Forms that were emailed through to them, could then be exported as a CSV file via the back-office, and so all the information entered didn’t need to by retyped by their admin team and could easily be inputted into their CRM for further communication. Thus reducing admin team and input error.

ISCA School asked us to include a new page for ‘Host Families’ that was password protected. It houses all the PDFs, forms and downloads that their host families will need for recording guests, excursions and child protection. This again helped reduce admin time and make the forms easily accessible to all their team, at any time.

One great aspect of their marketing were the very positive testimonials that they had gathered from their students. Our designer recommended that the testimonials were included throughout the site on their relevant page, and our developer then built the site so the testimonials are pulled in from each page into one main testimonial page as well. As and when ISCA school update their testimonials on the pages, then are then updated automatically on the main Testimonials page.

Multiple Languages

The new build in WordPress now allows ISCA School to easily update (via the CMS) the 4 different language versions of the website. Each language can be accessed via the 4 country flag icons in the main header of the site. We built the site to allow complete translation of not just the page text, but the menu, side bar, testimonials and all buttons, so it is fully immersive to the overseas student. Any text that isn’t translated automatically defaults to English.


We recommended that their logo was tweaked and a stronger brand created. The existing logo was rather tired, and had been manipulated so many times it was hard to tell whether this was true to the original. We worked to improve legibility and consistency, while remaining faithful to the style of the original. The new logotype was informed by the original logo’s font of choice, which was a condensed modernist typeface.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

As we were overhauling the site design and platform structure, we performed migration SEO on the site to transfer across the Google authority that their old website had built up over the years. We also established their core keywords and terms and implemented technical SEO on the site, along with our core SEO package.


We overhauled the site for ISCA School during the autumn months when their school was quiet and had it completed in time for Christmas, so it was ready for the busy New Year booking season. Their new website accommodates a more mobile-friendly approach, and improved way of finding and navigation throughout the site. There are more clear calls-to-action and the choice of fonts and design style better suit the logo and approach of ISCA School.