Henry Cowls

Copywriting, CS-Cart, Ecommerce, SEO

Complete redesign, e-shop, photography, copywriting service & SEO

Henry Cowls are Cornwall’s oldest net makers, with a proud heritage that dates back to 1889. We overhauled their existing website and transferred them onto the CS-Cart ecommerce platform, complete with payment gateway. We helped with new bespoke photography and a full rewrite of the entire website by our copywriter.


Their product pages now offer the nets in various size and colour options. They also presented their new line in ‘cricket nets’ and made much more of their ‘fruit cages’, with helpful product guides and FAQs. We started our core search engine optimisation by targeting keywords for ‘fruit cages’ and orders started to come in quickly after the ‘go live’ date.

Being a net manufacturer their bespoke service is also very important to them as they can adapt to the needs of any customer. Now 125 years of tradition can successfully trade online and continue into the digital era.

“Can you thank Matt for us!! So far we have got 8 fruit cage orders since his hard work. Great news for us!!

Julia Whitbread, Co-Director [quote sent to us 8 days after the site went ‘live’]