Help getting started on Mailchimp

Email Marketing, MailChimp

We know you can be a bit scared of email marketing

Clients often tell us that they have lots of email addresses, that they’ve collected over the years, but they don’t know what to do with them. They are just sitting there. How should you mail out to them? You worry about spam and emails just going into junk mail. You worry about how often you should send them out so people don’t feel bombarded. In the end you’ve no spare time, so you end up doing nothing. We can help.

Managing campaigns on your behalf

We can take on the running of your email list. We like to use Mailchimp which is the UK’s biggest email marketing software. We can set up an account for you and import in all your email addresses – they can be sent to us as a big list or an excel file or csv file. We then import in the list and segment it into smaller lists for targeted email campaigns if required.  We understand about GDPR and how it’s important to ask permission of your email list that they are happy to be mailed to.

We work very collaboratively with you and understand what messages/offers you want to promote and then we plan the e-shots for that month. We can help with the copy and the design of the e-shot. You then sign it off and we mail out on your behalf, with all responses going direct to your email address to reply to.

So whether it’s help with just a seasonal campaign or an ongoing monthly strategy, we can help as much or as little as you need.

Mailchimp training for your staff

We can also offer training in best practice in creating and sending out e-shots so you can grow in confidence to do it yourself. We like to train face-to-face so you can ask as many questions as you like and really pick our brains on the smallest details. We can go through:

  • Loading up new emails to the database
  • Best practice on content within the email
  • Frequency advice
  • Basic design and images
  • What a click-through rate means
  • How to help increase conversion to the website and grow sales
  • Monitoring how well the email was received

Just as importantly we talked about how email marketing shouldn’t always be about products and sales. You need to mix in conversation pieces and post interesting, engaging and informative content too. We teach you how to talk to your customer.