Griggs Equestrian

Ecommerce, Magento 1.9, SEO

Griggs came back to Daneswood for their second Magento 1.9 online shop with us, when they asked for a breakaway ecommerce website just for their B2C equestrian audience.

Griggs are a well known online and offline store selling country goods and clothing. They wanted to create a breakaway shop just to sell all horse related goods from saddles to riding hats, and horse blankets to riding boots. So we created a direct to consumer specialist equestrian brand and shop just for them.


We started by creating the ‘Griggs Equestrian’ brand and buying the domain name on their behalf. The Griggs Equestrian logo follows the umbrella style of Griggs family brands, along with a new colour palette and font. In order to keep the build as affordable as possible, we then cloned their existing Griggs website and created a scaled down version that used Magento for the shop and WordPress for the blog. Although the page layout was taken from their existing site, the new design says ‘equestrian specialism’ from the home page and allows for impactful banners that are changed regularly and filtering by product brands.

Shipping Labels and GDPR

We took full control of the migration in of all their existing equestrian products and trained them in uploading any new items ready for launch. We helped establish their category and sub-category structure and all delivery rules for the products which included the automation of their shipping tasks, which prints courier packing labels, updates tracking numbers and notifies customers. They are also all set up for email marketing by capturing email newsletter subscriptions off the website that is GDPR friendly.

griggs equestrian product

Stock Control

We also completed bespoke customisation to integrate with their EPOS and stock management system and set up Google friendly search engine optimisation across the site.


We love to work with Griggs as they are quick to spot gaps in the market and know their buying audience inside out which always helps us design a commercial shop that can deliver a return on their investment. We continue to host and support their online retail shop each month.