Governance Publishing

A subscription website, that gives a lot of ‘sample articles’ for free as tasters in order to encourage sign up.

We love this site. It fits the brief we were given perfectly as we were asked to design a site that “..appeals to Finance Directors of big corporate businesses and looks a bit like the Financial Times newspaper…but with our branding and super professional looking”. They wanted a sober design that got straight to the heart of the matter with sample governance articles, latest events listed and lots of avenues to engage with them on different levels.

We overhauled the menu structure and spoke at length with their marketing team on how they wanted to manage the site ‘post launch’. We also captured what was ‘free content’ to tempt the user into a subscription, so these signposts could be strong.

We choose WordPress as that has the easiest back-office for their admin team to feel confident when obtaining content and event updates after ‘go live’. We created different ‘post types’ for journals, articles, resources and events – basically the different types of content they needed with their different types of functionality.

Events are a big part of their business so the Home page displays dates of latest events start, location. The Journals section has pdfs linked to each post, and resources links to external source sites.

The parred back of the ‘letterbox’ style Ad banners allows them to gain money from their professional partners for advertising.

Digital marketing capture – the user  receives a sample journal upon sign-up, and also offers a sign-up to regular newsletter via Mailchimp, so there are lots of ways to engage interested potential members. Alongside Google analytics installed on the site.

We integrated a Membership component to handle subscriptions and list of available options to join. Governance have different types of subscriptions, with check-out via PayPal payment gateway or cheque. This system allows for discount codes that the new member can give out to friends too, in order to allow networking. Once members log in to their account, they can see hidden materials.  The search functionality searches through all custom field types we have built, such as event locations, authors of posts and site content.

This client has a very pro-active marketing team that are all over the back-office of the site and upload new events themselves and all new content with Journals being their busiest page to keep updated.