Future Industrial


Future Industrial wanted a bold B2B website design that reflected the customer service values that their clients looked for.

They had already invested in really good commercial photographs which we used to create a new design. The navigation architecture was changed to a more lean menu structure with less text. They had also taken the time to gather some really strong testimonials from existing clients so these were included throughout the content on the site. The content was streamlined and case studies were included to evidence their track record.

Their Service pages which talk about the specifics of their work was streamlined with each of the 3 main services each having their own left hand menu once you clicked on them. The service could therefore now have a landing page with a quick overview and gives the user the option to click to read more on a specialism when required. We also designed a clickable hot-spotted map that shows their locations and contact details, which can also be filtered by Service area. They have a Permits page now that houses all their downloads for site permits, licences and insurances, all presented in a neat accordion style.

Their WordPress site is now fit for purpose and the content, case studies and news is maintained by their marketing team. We completed search engine optimisation on the site before launch, host it and provide ongoing support.