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Getting started on Facebook

An established client of Daneswood, who runs an online beauty store, needed help with setting up and running a Facebook page. We set this up for them and ensured it was branded nicely with logo and images. They started modestly with a very low budget and a campaign aim to obtain just 35 Likes – because 35 Likes is the golden number to be able to include their business name into the Facebook URL. We achieved 128 Likes and came in under budget!

Our client has now given us complete authority over their digital advertising budget, and we advise on placing it into either Google Adwords or Facebook advertising. They trust us to monitor each campaign and assign the spend accordingly. We also write the advert with the client, source the image and insert the call-to-action. We also advise on where best to place the advert within the Facebook page – right hand side, left hand side, in the News Feed etc – as all these factors influence click-through rate. We also place our client’s adverts out on Instagram.

We also analyse the data from our client’s online database, that they gather from website sales through the shop. It gives us info on customer/user demographic, and we apply this to advert demographics to ensure we are reaching the right users.

In short we help our client understand their customers, advise on where those users are browsing social media online and then place his product advertisements in front of them.