Effective Google Adwords Management

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Fully managed Google Adwords campaigns

A long established client of Daneswood, who has two beauty websites with us, approached us to ask for support with just their Google Adwords management. They already had outside Adwords support from another company, but were worried that it wasn’t cost effective. We soon established that they had been overbidding on £1 per click, where we could get it down to 30p per click. We helped them re-write their text based adverts to promote their high-end beauty products and moisturisers, ensuring best practice for optimising their keywords, and their click-through rate shot up.

We now run all their digital advertising campaigns and have also taken on their social media. Our relationship with the client has allowed them to feel much more in control of their digital spend, and we break down complicated (and very changeable) Adwords data, into understandable campaigns and results. Although we are in regular monthly contact with our client we also email through a digital marketing report each month so they know the work which has been completed and our recommendations.