SEO, Wordpress

Durisol is a brick alternative used in the building industry and championed by developers as well as private eco-home builders.

They came to us having invested in a dedicated marketing manager to oversee the creation of their new website, so we were provided with a really clear brief and direction. Like so many of our customers, their business had grown but their website had not, and it didn’t represent their portfolio or training resources available so we needed to help reposition them within their market. The website needed to appeal to both developers building a portfolio of homes, as well as the small self-builder.

durisol banner

We redesigned the site in WordPress and presented their new batch of bespoke company photographs, alongside new text created by a professional copywriter. We also used their existing branding. The quality of the text and imagery really helped to lift the messaging and design of the site.

We created a portfolio gallery layout for their projects which included multiple images of homes and commercial buildings, along with case studies and ‘filters’ to view their different project types. Their quick contact form is bespoke too with a dropdown menu so the customer can let Durisol know the area of building they are interested in a call back about.

Training their customers in how to construct buildings using Durisol bricks is really important to them, so we included a bespoke ‘booking’ form for training on the site, where the user selects the date for training they are interested in. The site also houses technical PDF downloads and building resources.

There is strong call-to-action on the site now, and we also completed both migration and core SEO at the build stage, to help their Google Rankings. We provide full site support and will soon be starting our ongoing digital marketing support as well in Autumn 2017.