DR Salts+

Ecommerce, SEO, WooCommerce

Small online shop that promotes benefit led sea salts to a wider ‘mind and body’ buyer and not just the post-exercise user.

DR Salts+ asked us to design a website for their unisex product which offers a range of bath and shower products that are benefit-led, harnessing the therapeutic benefits of the Dead Sea, Himalayan and Epsom Salts. We designed and built the shop from a bespoke ‘parent WooCommerce theme’ that we had already created for the DR Salts+ parent company – as this is one of a suite of online shops we have created for them.

They brought a strong product identity to the table, with fonts and colour palette keeping in line with their product packaging. We designed a site that doesn’t look too clinical and is biased towards well-being, minerals and the bathing experience, and not just the post-exercise market.

The shop is allows filtering by product type (bath salts, soap etc.) and collection (Himalayan, Relax etc.). It has areas for reviews of the products and an Instagram feed. We completed search engine optimisation across the site as well.  We look forward to seeing this site grow in future with blogging and a confident content strategy around the brand’s ongoing marketing.