Does Digital Marketing Really Help?

Digital Marketing Benefits, Research Google Algorithm

At Daneswood we believe digital marketing really does help

The majority of clients that we support, already have in-house marketing teams. We are there merely to fill in the digital gaps and help them push the boundaries of what they are doing and more often than not, to challenge them.

We work alongside you, very closely, and act as an outsourced element of your marketing team. To work for you we have to get to know you, your business and product/service and your sales cycles. Often our digital marketing is there because you don’t have the time to approach marketing thoroughly – you write an email or blog, post it out and then get on with the next task. You don’t have time to look at the click-through rate on that campaign and see if it was a success or not.

Research and monitoring time is factored into all our monthly retainer work. Monitoring analytics is important as they tell you what pages on the website people are viewing and interested in, how long they stay on the site (a pretty good gage of whether or not your content is engaging) and the devices they are looking at your website on (is the majority of your customers looking at you on their mobile phone now?).

One example is a client of ours who have a dedicated, and highly experienced, in-house Marketing Manager, to promote their bespoke products via their online shop. However she didn’t have the time to monitor and research Google’s search algorithm and keep up-to-date with changes within it. Knowing the latest ranking factors for Google’s algorithm is vital as our search engine optimisation (SEO) practice has to follow them. Our client engaged us on just a 2 month project to do a full SEO review of the website and their two competitors’ websites. We identified:

  • How they could improve
  • Tactics for initiating change
  • A new blog strategy
  • On-page optimisation advice
  • Improved title tags
  • Improved content strategy

It was entirely consultancy based work which gave them a fleshed out written report at the end, accompanied by lots of phone time with them, talking through the amends needed and how to implement them. It was such a success that we have now agreed a 6 month review with them each year, to keep them topped up.

Luke, our Daneswood Digital Marketing Manager, is a Google Certified Adverts Manager and Google Partner. He sets aside time each month to research digital best practice, so he can pass on that updated knowledge to our clients that he supports each month.