Helping you post on Social Media

Digital PR, Facebook Monitoring

Never underestimate the power of social media

We hear clients say all the time that ‘oh social media isn’t relevant to me and my customers’, but it is. We monitor the social media posts for a lot of our clients to see if there are any important messages that they need to respond to quickly. This digital PR and it’s vitally important for winning trust and business.

One particular client we have sells high-end beauty products online (as well as having a local beauty clinic) and we work on a monthly retainer for them, which includes monitoring their Facebook page posts. One day they received a post from a very distressed lady asking for help with a skin condition. The upset tone of her post was very real, she had lost all her confidence because of the condition and was worried her husband didn’t find her attractive anymore. We phoned our client at the clinic and they requested that they respond immediately. They posted back a reassuring message, offering to send her some samples that day and come in to talk about the problem with a beautician. She was so pleased with the response that she later messaged again on Facebook saying how relieved she now felt, that the samples had worked and extolled their specialist skincare expertise to the public.

The result was very beneficial to the lady, but just as beneficial to our client who suddenly saw, first hand, the full potential of social media and its power to win trust. Managing PR well on Facebook and the internet really engages with your customers, and wins brand loyalty and trust.