Bespoke, Ecommerce, UX Design

Strong UX design for angling website, with online ticket purchasing

Diggerlakes had an existing website that advertised their carp fishing lakes but didn’t take online bookings. They approached us initially just to talk about perhaps integrating a simple booking component, but soon realised through discussions, that it was time to invest in creating a site that worked for their audience on a much better level and took bookings online.


We understood from the client that the success of this site would be hinged on whether or not his anglers could navigate the online booking system easily and use it on their mobile phones. Historically anglers would just arrive at the lakes and book a place to fish, paying in cash. If they were going to have to now book online in advance, then the user experience on the site needed to be first class.

This had to be an entirely bespoke design and build and we had several meetings with Diggerlakes before any design was even started. We sketched out process flow and a framework of the booking journey that needed to be taken, with dates, calendar function, adding rods to the bookings, including guests with the booking, OAP/Under 16 discounts, as well as registration and check out. We presented mobile versions of the designs first, to ensure it was built from the mobile up.

Diggerlakes has a strong and well run Facebook page, so we kept the ‘Catch Report’ link going through to Facebook, with all the terrific photos of fishermen with the Carps they have caught. We designed graphics of his two lakes, with the ‘swims spots’ clearly marked on them, so the user could see clearly what the lakes had to offer. We encouraged a more ‘benefit-led’ approach to his content strategy, talking more about the WIFI available, the local shop that sells bait and the bacon and eggs that are available from the local garage, for those fishermen staying the weekend.

We built a registration and login system so regular anglers don’t have to re-enter details each time they book. The site takes payment via Paypal and automatically provides the angler with an email confirming the booking. The back-office also provides the owner with the ability to block book both lakes out for maintenance purposes.


Anglers can now book from the home screen easily, by checking dates via a clear monthly calendar layout and selecting pre-defined time blocks. Our client drives traffic to the site via a great Facebook presence and has produced really user friendly content throughout this ecommerce site.

“The web site is a great success and feedback very positive making everybody’s lives easier and simpler, major plus for the business is having the ability to pre book so thumbs up!”

Ben Gratwicke, Owner, Diggerlakes