Devon in Sight

Accessible WCAG 2.0 level AA, Wordpress

A fully accessible website built for low-vision users in WordPress

Daneswood undertook a complete redesign and rebuild of the charity Devon in Sight website and we provide ongoing support and for free, as part of our Corporate and Social Responsibility. The website fully conforms to the accessibility brief of WCAG 2.0 level AA and Section 508 requirements. We met with the client several times and established what their audience needed, what the charity required for funding bids, and which digital marketing was necessary for fundraising. An overriding requirement soon became clear – that the visually impaired user had to be at the heart of the new website.


This challenging technical project meant that the website had to be compliant with ‘screen readers’ (which talks the website to users) and ensure all fonts, font sizes and colours were ‘low vision friendly’. We listened to their knowledge about their customers and did our research into how other sight-loss charity websites.

  • Clear large fonts
  • Colour palette is low-vision friendly with strong contrasts
  • Easy to navigate around with proper heading structure
  • Clickable tiles with fairly big icons
  • Tool on the right hand site of the website that allows you to change colours and size of text to suit your needs

The majority of Devon in Sight’s service users are aged 70+ (and with older volunteers too), so the new design had to have a clear intuitive navigation. The colour palette was deliberately chosen to reflect light-intensity contrasts needed for low-vision users. The font size was bigger than normal and we avoided the use of graphics and small thumbnail images – again all to aide the partially sighted.


Devon in Sight was keen to ensure that the website wasn’t just a brochure, but an integral part of the organisations interactions with key audiences including people with sight loss that need support, but also their families, volunteers and professional partners.

““We have enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship with Daneswood for many years as their nominated charity. The team at Devon in Sight would like to extend our gratitude to Pete, Clare, Charlotte, Ian and the rest of the team at Daneswood for the 2018 upgrade to our website. The support given by Daneswood ensures that our website is not only accessible to people with sight issues but also provides a professional public face for the charity in the very competitive world of fundraising. The Daneswood team are not only professional and efficient but extremely friendly which makes working with you a pleasure.”

Grahame Flynn, CEO, Devon in Sight