Cyber Security Awareness


Educating the general public, but without the techy jargon

Bluegrass Computer Solutions are an established and respected IT company in Devon and they have been a client of Daneswood for many years. They had identified that cyber security is a growing threat to the SME business market, and that this was coupled with a widespread ignorance of how threats can be avoided and prevented. Digital security is a growing area but many IT firms concentrate on resolving issues after they have affected their clients, rather than providing sound advice and tools to help prevent security issues in the first place. So the Cyber Security Awareness website was born.


We worked side by side with the Bluegrass graphic designer who had created their company branding and strong graphical approach to the banner design. We are often asked to work collaboratively with existing graphic designers within companies and we welcome this kind of creative input. We produced the mobile friendly design framework for the site and gave their designer the dimensions for the banners they needed to create the graphics for. Our brief from the client was to design a site that was full of information but without being text heavy and dull, with long paragraphs of misleading text and unexplained jargon. We used design to break copy down into manageable chunks, sometimes presented as an infographic, or in accordion-style collapsable layouts. All the copy for the website was provided by the Bluegrass marketing team before the design started, so we knew exactly the volume of text to design around, which really helped the design phase run smoothly and quickly. The site collects email subscriptions and is scalable enough to grow new pages on new threats as and when they come out, so Bluegrass can respond quickly to changes in the cyber landscape.


Our colourful design presents a hub of knowledge and information about the latest cyber security threats and also conveys a range of preventative measures that you can implement. The aim of the site design was to concentrate on solutions not products, and make them as visually exciting as possible. Bluegrass were really happy that their website now gives the layperson and business community, all the relevant information, while also raising the profile of Bluegrass as experts in this area through strong visual branding.