Cement Consultancy

Copywriting, Wordpress

Professional multi-language site for world-wide customers

Cement Consultancy wanted an updated website only as a window display to present their cement and lime industry experience and clout. Their clients are world banks, governments and manufacturers all over the world, mostly outside the UK. They did not need the site to drive leads, the cement industry is small and they are already key players, they just needed a website that instilled trust in their clients.


The invested in a copywriter to help ensure the digital tone of voice that the website used was highly professional and really got across the USPs that the company promoted. The design was not about detail or photographs of actual cement plants, just a solid professional business to business presentation. They included new case studies on the site to clearly evidence their world wide reputation and experience, and split the content into ‘Services’ and ‘Projects’ for clarity. They included helpful downloads where needed, and we designed a right hand side menu so users could browse the other pages within the Services and Projects area of the site easily. We also installed a widget to translate the site into 7 different languages.