Buxum Box

SEO, WooCommerce

Buxum Box sell tough durable bike boxes for cycle enthusiasts to pack up their bikes for flights abroad.

They already had a WordPress website but recognised it was time to make the leap into ecommerce to help sell their bikes globally.  They had also just changed the company brand and wanted to relaunch with a small online shop with a more confident design.


The aim was to represent the lifestyle of those cyclists likely to purchase the box, so we choose epic mountain range road shots for the home page banners. We give the customer entry into the 3 products from the home page and added orange as the accent colour for buttons and roll over states so they really stand out.

Ensuring that customers choose the correct product is vital when developing a shop, in order to minimise the risk of returns. To achieve this, we included a ‘Which Box?’ page and also a page for FAQs.


We built a WooCommerce shop to sell their 3 products, with strong emphasis on multiple images at product level and supporting material such as a technical specification of the boxes and packing instructions. Video is very important on the site to show how to dissemble your bike, pack it in the box and then reassemble afterwards and all video was streamed in from Youtube to ensure a quick load speed. There is an email subscription that feeds through to Mailchimp which includes GDPR tick boxes and a WordPress blog so Buxum Box can post new content each month which will help with their SEO.  

The payment gateway we choose was Stripe as it allows for flexible payments and the quick check-out process doesn’t present any barriers to purchase.


This shop shows that even though you may only be selling a handful of products, the user experience on that selling experience still needs to be really thought through in order to minimise confusion and shift product online. We completed SEO on the website before it went live and continue to host and support the shop.