Business Profiles

Bespoke, CS-Cart, Ecommerce

Leadership courses with bespoke integration to 3rd party systems

Sampson Hall are a much loved and well established leadership and management company in Exeter. They work nationwide and are very good friends of Daneswood, having helped us with our own business strategy two years ago. They came to us and asked for a brand new website to promote various business models they were now selling – boasting mental toughness in business; leadership and communication training; opportunities for business improvement; and implementing successful business strategies. These 4 very clear and separate areas of business needed careful promotion to sell them successfully online:

  • DNA of a Champion Model
  • i3 Profile Model
  • Strategy Model
  • Gordian Model


We developed a CS-Cart website with bespoke functionality to present their 4 key areas of business improvement and encourage the user to buy the courses online. This site does not look like an online shop. It is designed more as a brochure site, as the messaging and ‘buy in’ into the course benefits needed to be read and understood thoroughly, before the user would buy the model. Samson Hall invested in a marketing company to write the text for the website and create a strong video to support each model.

Bespoke Development

Bespoke coding was required to link the models into the 3 separate third party systems that ran them, as well as creating of them from scratch. We also integrated the Worldpay payment gateway to take ecommerce payments for the courses. Each model worked differently and required individual development. For DNA of a Champion Model, once a customer had purchased a model ticket, they then went on to register on a remote system (though it looked to them as though they were still on the Business Profiles site). It then creates a login to the DNA of a Champion Model so they can they then complete the work on it. This then generates a bespoke PDF document, based on the inputs from the model, which is downloaded and emailed to the user. All of that element uses the DNA of a Champion Model, but we created a local version of it that is completely customised for their use.  The i3 Profile Model is slightly different, in that we created a login function once the model has been purchased, which links them directly into the i3 Model. The Strategy Model was a model that we developed ourselves for Sampson Hall, so it is completely bespoke and it is an online business strategy development tool. Access to this works in a very similar way to the DNA of a Champion Model, with a bespoke integration from CS-Cart. The Gordian Model was a simple online purchase and access system to the model, that is then managed manually by the Business Profiles team.


Business Profiles took the time to source with us a strong set of visuals based around the ethos and feelings that each course needed to convey. The highly complicated back-office functionality of this site, now rests hidden behind the smooth and glossy front-end, that encourages businesses and individuals to improve their business and sporting skills. We had to work collaboratively with several of Sampson Hall’s partner organisations for the integration, and deliver successfully the requirements of our client.