British Wildflower Seeds

Ecommerce, Logo Design, Magento 1.9, SEO

Growing online sales by targeting native British seed varieties

This is a lovely example of a small scale online shop that sells wildflower seeds that are harvested from our wild and native meadows. The target audience is the everyday consumer like you and me who wishes to turn over a plot of soil to wildflowers. The speciality of the shop is it sells seeds native to a particular region in the UK – South West, northern, Scotland, Wales etc – which is all filterable within the shop. Each seed packet is sold in either a 20, 50 or 100 gram pack with the price changing automatically depending on the weight chosen.  Unlike most online shops, Nick the owner of British Wildflower Seeds, knew that his customers wanted more than just a quick ecommerce sale – they needed reassurance of the seed provenance and an understanding of the importance of choosing a native British variety over foreign seeds. That was why Nick asked for lots of additional information on the website, including planting tips, soil preparation, aftercare and videos. This is an online shop for the horticulturalist, not the lazy shopper.



As we have worked with Nick before on his Habitat Aid website (also built in Magento 1.9), so he felt confident in asking us to create the full branding package for his new online venture. We created the British Wildflower Seeds logo and also designed his offline manilla seed packet. The photography is also all bespoke and our client took time to source only genuinely representative photos of what real British wildflowers look like.


All the seeds sold online are fulfilled by a third party seed distributor within the UK, so the system allowed for the drop shipping approach to order fulfilment. We integrated the Sagepay payment gateway and set up all delivery prices and automatic email order notifications, as well as completing our full search engine optimisation package at the build stage, to give it the best chance of getting a head start on Google.