British Pond Plants

Branding, Ecommerce, Magento 1.9

New company branding and a small online shop on the Magento platform.

We had already created two Magento 1.9 websites for this client, when they approached us again to brand up their new ‘British Pond Plants’ company. The business specialises in selling only native British plants for pond owners, with a strong emphasis on supporting the wildlife that eats and lives on each plant they sell.

We started the branding exercise by looking at the waterlily shape, which is the most familiar of the pond plants. The colour palette and font was established and the graphic created. Our client was already familiar with the Magento 1.9 ecommerce platform, so they wanted the new shop to be built using the system that they felt confident in. They provided the photographs of the plants, as it was important that the photos showed the plant and the wildlife (bug, beetle or butterfly etc.) that it supported. We then helped source some stock photography for the banners.

The build phase could be kept as affordable as possible as we cloned the layout of their previous shop and styled it up around the new branding. The product pages have quantity options (pack of 50, pack of 100 etc) and really good product descriptions which helps drive sales. We added in a limited filter on the shop products and included supporting information pages for the ‘Who we are’ and ‘Our plants’ pages. Our client is very active on digital marketing and social media so we included a Facebook and Instagram feed on the home page. We then completed search engine optimisation prior to launch and we continue to support the site ongoing.

This site is the perfect example of a small shop that gets it just right. They knew their USP, audience and invested in branding, product photos and really good copy on the site. Backed up by quality and shareable social media posts, it will no doubt be a great success.

We were so delighted to receive a beautiful hamper of food at Christmas as a thank you from our client, which we all tucked into happily!