Bolham Primary School

Logo Design, Wordpress

They didn’t want just another bog standard primary school website

Bolham Primary School are a small Devon school who have to compete with larger schools around them. They approached us as they had an outdated website that wasn’t mobile friendly. They wanted a modern site that they could use as a form of communication with their parents and community, and keep constantly updated. They wanted to convey the ‘extra curricular’ activities that made the school stand apart, but didn’t know where to start. Also as a small school they had no spare time to dedicate to the project, so involved a school governor to work with the headteacher in bringing their vision for a new school website to life.


They listened to our recommendations and invested in a commercial photographer to capture the children at play, in class and outdoors to really knock home the fun, colourful and adventurous day-to-day school experience. This was very much an ‘image-led’ site as they didn’t have time to write reams of text. They had an existing school logo, but only a poor quality low-res version, so we tweaked it and brought it a bit more up-to-date with a strapline, new school font and colour scheme they could all adhere to.  School websites now have to have lots of compliant documents available online, along with an integrated Google Calendars for school event dates and latest Governor meeting minutes. Being WordPress, the site has a content managed system that the school admin team now keep up-to-date. The headteacher also recognised that not all the children at her school had English as their first language, so the site comes with a Google translation widget, so the text is now available in over 50 languages.

This website is a great example of investing in really decent photography and being brave enough to invest some of the school budget into their digital marketing, and not just opting for a cheaper off-the-shelf education template site, that you can buy anywhere.