Bluegrass Computer Solutions


Please don’t design me a boring IT website

To create a multi-functional site to promote both Bluegrass IT solutions and engage remote support for their customers. We had to build a site that marketed both the ‘IT solutions’ side of the business to new customers, as well as their ‘support resolution centre’ for their established clients. Bluegrass were very keen that their site shouldn’t be a typical IT site – they were very conscious of the need to appeal directly to businesses and not to confuse them with an overdose of technical jargon.



We have been working successfully with Bluegrass now for 3 years and it is a very successful site that has grown as Bluegrass has grown. With IT websites their success lies in the Home Page being friendly to the first time user who is often scared of the technology they are trying to master. The Bluegrass site clearly directs their customers to whatever solution or function they need, intuitively and clearly. Their social media presence is strong, as the site now houses a dynamic ‘news’ section on the home page that markets both their on-going success, as well as IT industry snippets and tips. The home page also houses a visible Twitter presence and they have a separate page for their blogs. For the site’s design we deliberately used a soft, calming colour palette, with those colours reflected in the photographs chosen for the website as well. The site is being successfully used to reinforce their sales activity and to act as a resource centre for their users.

“From the outset Daneswood provided us with a very personable, customer service and the relationship has flourished. They are willing to listen and take on board our needs while at the same time provide very practical advice and honest opinion. This allows us to make confident and cost-effective business decisions on website development. I highly recommend Daneswood to any company who want to get on with their day job of running a business, knowing that their internet presence is in safe hands.”

Dave Thomas, Managing Director, Bluegrass Computer Services