Bagsy Beauty

Ecommerce, SEO, WooCommerce

Inspirational beauty shop with immersive connection to Instagram

Bagsy Beauty is owned by Swallowfield and we had already developed a small ecommerce site for one of their other brands, MR Jamie Stevens, when they approached us again to deliver a new online shop that sold Bagsy cosmetics.


They had an existing site for Bagsy but it was not ecommerce, so they required a full redesign and online shop that could sell their products internationally, and drive engagement with their social channels. They were already comfortable and familiar with using the WordPress/WooCommerce platform as so we chose this again for their new site.

They asked us to design new page mock-ups following their established Bagsy brand guidelines and to have an immersive connection with their social networks (especially Instagram) where possible. The product pages allow for multiple images, reviews, social sharing and cross selling to similar items. The home page has a ’What’s Trending’ section that allows customers to go straight to product from the home page. We integrated SagePay as their payment gateway, and they offer free delivery on all orders over £20.

The new design allows for clear product presentation with shade variations, cross-selling and all the modern bells and whistles expected.

We also optimised the site, which included migration SEO from their existing website, following Google’s best practise to ensure a solid start in their endeavour for top rankings.

We now host the website, installed a SSL security certificate, and run regularly monthly security updates to ensure they are kept as robust as possible.


A great example of a site that is built for product inspiration and ongoing digital marketing. A site that never stands still or looks the same on your monthly visits to it. Bagsy now manage the scrolling banners on the home page themselves, to keep them fresh and link in with monthly promotions or product launches. Our client’s input in keeping up with the young, tech savvy demographic of its audience is to be highly applauded.