Badger Design

SEO, Wordpress

Product display catalogue site with individual landing pages  

Badger Design are a well respected and established business supplying promotional items to the trade. They are market leaders in the supply of magnetic gifts in any shape or size you need, having fulfilled orders for leading brands such as Innocent Drinks, Heinz, BBC and Disney. Their old site had a very confusing navigation with customers struggling to find the products they were interested in. Also the site had little call-to-action and no zoom function on the imagery, so product shots were underwhelming.



We choose the WordPress CMS for this site overhaul so the easy back-office could be maintained by their admin team going forward to keep the product variation fresh. We worked with them to establish the 8 core categories that their promotional material will nest under, with a prominent and clear menu structure. Each category has its own landing page with a category banner that they can maintain themselves, swapping in new imagery and straplines to update their marketing regularly. These individual category landing pages were important to them, so they could initiate direct marketing campaigns for certain categories (oyster card wallets for example) and link that page as the click-through for customers land on. Now they can do direct and highly targeted promotional campaigns, both online and offline, and drive traffic to the new site.

We also completed all the Migration SEO required on transferring their established Google authority to the new site, to ensure their ranking remained buoyant. We worked with them to establish their keywords and support them with ongoing SEO on the site, to optimise Bagder Design as much as possible in each of their specialist promotional and gift areas.


Their individual product pages now have ‘request a quote’ options, larger images, ‘you might also like’ cross selling of products, as well as tabs for safety certificates and further product info. The layout is uniform and attractive, and easy maintainable by their team. Most importantly the website now properly represents them and their leading position in the market.

“Thanks very much for all the work that you’ve done on the website, I think it’s looking very good.”

Don Badger, Owner, Badger Design