Meet WooCommerce

The most popular ecommerce platform in the world.

This is a shop extension for a WordPress website and it is the most popular ecommerce platform in the world. It has a worldwide community of developers creating plugins and add-ons for it, and we have seen the list grow over the years to a seemingly unending resource! It is highly adaptable and the back-office is easy to use for the beginner, as confidently managing your site after ‘go live’ is really important.

WooCommerce is easy to adapt, so maintaining and growing your store over time is affordable. You have probably bought from a WooCommerce store many times and not even known it. One thing we do recommend is that you need to keep the shop plugins up-to-date with WordPress. This is extremely important to keep the shop secure.

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WooCommerce Case Studies

Here are some examples of online shops we developed using WooCommerce and why we choose this platform:


Dirtyworks - WooCommerce & eCommerce Development In Devon

  • Easy to design a playful, fun and colourful shop
  • Star reviews at product level
  • Filtering of products by category
  • A great blog
  • Easy back-office management for new products

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The Real Shaving Company

The Real Shaving Company - WooCommerce & eCommerce Development In Devon

  • Allows easy design of the ‘3 steps to a good shave’ to reinforce product sales
  • Easy banner management by their marketing team
  • Allows for 15% discount pop-up
  • Star ratings with products
  • Attractive Instagram feed that dynamically displays posts on a wall

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Buxum Box

Buxum Box - WooCommerce & eCommerce Development In Devon

  • Allowed for confident brand design for shop that represented ‘lifestyle’ and not just ‘product’
  • Multiple images, technical drawings and video all at product level
  • Email sign up to Mailchimp to capture customers for monthly newsletter
  • Linked with Stripe payment gateway for flexible payment options

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