Meet CS-Cart

CS-Cart comes bundled with so many impressive features included

We have been working with this platform for over 10 years and know it to be a great ‘all in one’ platform that really delivers on shop functionality. There is a paid licence fee to buy the store platform but it is justified by the cheaper running costs than its rivals WooCommerce and Magento. There are several versions of the shop licence, from a freebie start up shop, to the Ultimate licence for a hardworking online shops, or the multi-store licence that allows several ‘front-end’ public sites all managed by one back-office.

We find CS-Cart much quicker to develop then Magento as it comes with 500 ecommerce features out-of-the-box so you can get your online shop up and running quickly. With other platforms you have to see what extensions need to be bought and what modifications are needed to meet your shop needs first. Under the bonnet of this platform you have a flexible layout editor for great design, discount promotions, gift certificates and built in reward points for customers which all help boost sales.

CS-Cart also allows you to insert meta descriptions for search engine optimisation in the back-office, so the SEO features allow for easy reading by Google.

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CS-Cart Case Studies

Here are some examples of online shops we developed using CS-Cart and why we choose this platform:


Specialising in WooCommerce, Magento, CS-Cart & more. CS-Cart Web Development Agency Based In Devon

  • High end design that with easy home page banner management
  • Customer can ‘personalise an item’ before paying, with bespoke combination options such as choice of leather, engraved silver disc, sterling silver initial, choice of packaging, choice of birthstone etc.
  • Shop has categories, sub-categories and filtering
  • Advanced search function
  • Gift vouchers, discount codes and timed price promotions

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Memento Exclusives/Planet F1

Specialising in WooCommerce, Magento, CS-Cart & more. CS-Cart Web Development Agency Based In Devon

  • Allows for a ‘multi-store business model’ so they could expand their product line across several sites, but with only one back-office administration
  • Quick view, social sharing, reviews and video at product level
  • Easy banner and product management to keep things looking fresh
  • Wish list, options against products and filtering of products
  • Customised shipping functionality worldwide which provides shipping to selected countries for specific products

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