You can now buy directly from Instagram – Find out how

Have you got an eCommerce website? If so, you should definitely be using this new feature Instagram have released.

I’m sure when you’ve been scrolling through your Instagram feed you’ve come across a post where the item is linked to a product, which you click on to be directed instantly to the website to then make a purchase. To recognise if an Instagram image has this feature it’ll have a white shopping bag icon located in the top right hand corner of the image.

Get approved

This feature makes the user experience of your profile more efficient and easier to be directed straight to the website product. Well worth a try!

First thing you’ll have to do is get approved by Instagram to use this feature – this is still very new and will definitely boom during 2018. Get approved –

Let’s get started

Once you’ve been approved, upload an image in the usual way, but instead of the option ‘tag people’, there should be an option saying ‘tag products’.

Then upload

See the results on your Instagram Insights.

If you would like any help with product selling on Instagram, please contact Luke on 01392 248 365 or [email protected]