Why your brand ‘story’ is so important.

Why your brand’s ‘story’ is so important.

You’ve built this incredible business/brand but you’re not getting the sales or engagement you’d hoped for, this could only be down to a handful of reasons…your product isn’t being directed at the correct audience, people don’t trust your brand or people don’t think your product represents value for money.

What were your initial brand values? You weren’t just doing it for the money in the first place, you were doing it because it was a passion you wanted others to be part of, which is why you turned it into a business.

What’s the story behind the brand? What are your values and beliefs? This is an extremely important part of building your business, as without these things why should people choose you over your competitor. You need to remember you’re not only selling a product, you’re selling your brand and story. Building a customer reputation based on your story will build trust within that community and they’re more likely to shop with you because they like you, your brand values and of course your product!

I think people forget how important the psychology behind a business is when you’re targeting consumers; you’re not just selling a product, you need to create feeling and emotion through your brand to really grab the attention of potential buyers.

An example of a brand with strong values is the brand ‘Lush’ who are not just a shop where you purchase a fancy bath bomb, they strongly protest against animal testing & mistreatment of animals, they use natural ingredients in their products and they try to be as ethical/sustainable as possible. You’re not only purchasing a gorgeous lush product you’re supporting their brand values, and in this case, saving animals & helping the environment.

Using your brand’s beliefs to your advantage by clearly displaying them through your website, marketing, advertising will really grab the attention of your audience.

People will appreciate your product if they value your story.