Why you should give Facebook and Instagram live broadcasting a shot

The demand to be recognised on Facebook and Instagram is getting harder and harder with the pure amount of constant content filling up our small screened devices. It’s difficult to stand out.

How can you be more interactive and engaging with your customers than all of your competitors you may ask? Well, try the option to live broadcast videos on Facebook and Instagram.

Engaging with your customers is crucial and these are such great tools to enable this. On Instagram if someone you’re following decides to start a Facebook live video, it notifies you instantly and tells your customers to watch.

Here are a few suggestions we think are essential for a successful live video.

  1. Talk about a new limited edition product that you’re super excited about; Or share something you’ve discovered that your followers would appreciate and learn something from; Maybe ask your followers to ask you questions on social media, then answer them; Perhaps show your followers behind the scenes.  These types of interactions entice your followers and can gain their trust.
  2. Choose a location to film in. Make sure it’s a well lit area and isn’t noisy so your viewers can hear you clearly.
  3. Practise makes perfect, we know it can be daunting speaking in front of an audience, make sure you know what you want to talk about and go for it, be yourself.
  4. Promote your Facebook or Instagram live video.
  5. Keep your followers up-to-date on social media – let them know the time and date and what you will talk about.
  6. Timing is key, make sure to do the live stream when most people are likely to be on social media – 7pm till 9pm is usually the peak time.
  7. Make sure to make your followers feel welcome – you can see peoples names and comments, mention these people to engage in a conversation.
  8. After you’ve completed your live broadcast, Facebook saves it enabling it to be shared for those who weren’t able to watch it.

We hope our top tips encourage you to give this marketing strategy a try!

Good luck!

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