Why you should be using Google Ads

So you’re probably wondering what are the benefits of AdWords? Why do I need them?
The overall goal of AdWords is to gain more leads, drive traffic to your website and increase revenue.

Investing money in AdWords might seem daunting at first, but the benefits that you receive from AdWords is most often instantaneous, which is why it’s worth every penny.

Brand Awareness
Let’s start with brand awareness – AdWords are a great way to tell people about your brand.
Google ran a test with Ipsos across 12 different business’s and they discovered that upon seeing Search Ads the average consumer is then 6.6% more aware of that brand. That increase is just from seeing the Ads which appear near the top of a Google search.

AdWords works faster than SEO
If you take only one lesson away from this blog then it should be this one, one of the best
benefits of using Google AdWords is that it works a lot faster than SEO. It gives you quick wins. Both SEO and AdWords are way of generating traffic and leads. But, a well optimised AdWords campaign works a lot quicker and more effectively to get you in the top search spot. You’re able to focus on multiple keywords at a time and turn your campaign on or off allowing you to have full control.

We wouldn’t advise not using the organic techniques (SEO) to increase leads and traffic,
because these can be extremely beneficial in the long run. There’s just more chance of
increasing traffic and leads instantly and being able to monitor what exactly is going on with AdWords, whereas SEO is a long time process requiring well written content and backlinks and that can take time to gain authority from Google.

There are numerous ways of remarketing, one of which is remarketing on display networks.
This means if a visitor has looked at your website, but did not buy from you or did not complete a purchase, then your Ad will appear again whilst they are browsing on another website, in a dedicated advertising supported banner area or image pop-up. This is a technique to get the visitor to come back to your site to finish the order, and if not at least brand awareness has increased again.

You can link your AdWords to Google Analytics
Linking the two will allow you to witness the full customer cycle, from when they interact with your Ad to the main goal, a sale. With traditional marketing you aren’t able to measure how many people have interacted or purchased a product/service from seeing a poster, billboard, bus stop ad etc. However online marketing is very data and metric driven so you can justify Ad spend and grow successful avenues further.
I hope these brief points have given you more of an idea of how AdWords can help your business. If you want support or our services regarding AdWords, don’t hesitate to contact us.