Why bidding on your company name in AdWords is a good idea

Sounds a bit surprising, your branded terms and your company name is already doing well in the organic listings, so why would you want to bother spending money on these words? There are benefits, where paid search ads won’t cannibalize your organic traffic.

AdWords is expensive and you only want your money to go on keywords that win you new business. Bidding on your own brand name may seem like a waste, but there are perks. Google agrees too*. Here are my top tips for brand bidding in AdWords.

Join together – paid search & organic search. Let’s be honest, having two is better than one. In the same way that having multiple links in an email can increase click through, so too can paid and organic sections of marketing work together. You are giving the searcher more opportunities to click when you appear in both the organic and paid ads columns, and you are also letting your searcher know that you are a prominent player in your space.

You can control your online messaging. Organic search results/listings may be free advertising, no question about that, but let’s face the facts, if they don’t work they are kinda boring (and slow!). Paid ads give you an opportunity to get out there and craft that message that will grab the attention of your searchers and draw them in to visit your website! Trust your gut instinct on paid advertising, if it doesn’t feel like it’s going so well, drop the budget and think of new strategies. You could use your highest converting landing pages as your paid ad URL.

Your competitors are doing it and you should be aware of it.  If your competitors are feisty and strong, chances are they will be bidding on your brand too. Here at Daneswood we have had experience of this, we are all in the same situation. So let’s say someone does type in your company name. They’ll find your nice default organic listings, as well as a nice shiny ad by your competitor. So if it was up to us, we would seriously advise starting a bidding war! We don’t mean everyone emptying their pockets, in order to win the highest search rank. We mean you should be focusing on a budget that suits you AND your company/business.

Branded terms are a steal. A robber will look for the shiny stuff (diamonds, rings, gold) and they will walk straight past the cheap stuff, your plastic bracelet, cheap items etc. This is the same with cheap keywords, we don’t want to be working hard in Google Keyword Planner just to find the worst keywords. We want to find those specific & unique keywords that might be there waiting for us. You need to do some serious thinking about which ones will work best. Don’t just stick to your company name, mix it up some of the names of your products or services. This will drive enormous amounts of traffic to your website if done correctly. At Daneswood, we have had tonnes of success with this technique!

Capture high-quality leads that are near the point of conversion. Leads are different ideas that draw customer interest into the products and services of your business. Leads can be created for many purposes. People who are already searching for your branded terms, are already acquainted with your company, meaning they are already aware of it. Perhaps they know you through a recommendation, researched you in the past or are even returning customers. There may be more in your buying cycle than you think. So these leads can help draw those customers in even further.

So you can exceed higher in online advertising, if you approach it as more of a combination!

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*See inspiration for this post and good additional reading on this subject by Google HERE.