So what’s it like to be an intern at Daneswood?

Work experience blog by Greta, our Italian intern

Hello, my name is Greta and I am glad to affirm that the opportunity of working in Daneswood for five months was a beautiful and useful work experience!

I am Italian and I come from Cernobbio, a beautiful city on the lake of Como. I finished my studies in Visual Communication at SUPSI, a university in Lugano (Switzerland), this September and I decided to come in England for my first work experience in a web design studio. I decided to make this choice because I think that it was an unmissable opportunity for improving my English skills and, at the same time, learn how to work in this profession.

I consider my experience extremely positive for lots of different reasons. Firstly, I find that within the company there is a great work ambience, my colleagues are friendly, funny and ready to help you in case you have any problem. I had the opportunity to test some of the skills that I have learnt during my studies, and I also learnt a bit of code (HTML-CSS); this permits me to understand the things I should consider while I am designing the layout of the different websites, and how I should manage the responsive part, that nowadays is becoming increasingly essential.

I had also the chance to see the company approach to their different clients, and how every design is the result of the relation between the necessities of the client, and the budget that they have available. One sentence that I found quite representative is “everything is possible, but has a cost”, that’s because very often the people don’t imagine the work that there is behind every project.

During my time at Daneswood I created infographics, banners, animated icons, re-designs of different old websites and a little coding. I also increased my knowledge about Photoshop and planning projects. I had the chance to attend their monthly meeting: I found it really interesting because I realized how important it is to share with all the team, the work successes, or the problems that the company has found in that period, and discuss the different options to do things better.

Thanks to all these things I realized that everyone, in the Daneswood team, works for the same purpose, increasing the value of the final product.