Viral Marketing

What is viral marketing you may ask… 🤔

The idea is to create something in the hope that it’ll be shared extensively via social media and be seen by thousands of people. It’s about sharing a bold statement and getting noticed! But how do you get noticed…? there are a few tips and tricks you can do to ensure you get the result you’re after.


Audience, audience, audience, understand your audience and understand what they can get out of your content. You can’t expect your users to share your content if there is nothing in return for them. Funny videos or memes are a good, simple example of this. If users think their friends/family will also find the post funny it’ll reflect well on them if they share it on Facebook, in this case people will think they’re funny. Likewise if you write an interesting article with facts or details that users aren’t able to easily get elsewhere, they’ll want to share it on places like LinkedIn so that their peers can also read it.

If people are sharing your video and you’re not having to lift a finger then something is going right and you’re getting the engagement you intended.


Boosting your visibility with paid advertising platforms is a great way to be seen by more users and increase the chance of your content going viral.

If the prime focus for your viral campaign is Facebook, having Facebook ads running along side will effectively encourage engagement. You can choose the location you want to target, gender, age and all sorts of other metrics to meet your target audience.


Everyone loves to get something for free, giving something away is an easy way to improve the shareability of your content. For instance a viral campaign we’ve just ran gave away a 1 night stay at the client’s beautiful hotel in Lyme Regis. We shared this on Facebook/twitter organically and chose Facebook ads to promote it/improve visibility. The post directed traffic to the blog using boosted ads. It was a big success with over 7000 entries! This meant 7000 users engaging with the website or the their social profiles with many also signing up to the monthly newsletter.

If you’re thinking about running your own viral campaign get in touch today, we would love to help – call us on 01392 248365.